I am now in fourth grade an am taking up the trumpet. It took a lot of thinking but I finally decided on the trumpet. My other options were the viola, violin, or trombone. I chose the trumpet because 3 of my friends are doing it and because I figured out how to play a song before I even got my instrument. We don't start practice until the twentieth, but I practiced anyway. And I got my instrument two weeks early, so I have to wait a while before practicing with other people. The strings teacher said you should chose an instrument you like the sound of. So if you don't like the loud sound that trumpets, trombones, or the tuba make you shouldn't play it. I play guitar so I have experience with strings but I didn't want to do a strings instrument. So I chose something different then I normally do. I also like making music and cooking. Those are two things where I get to make stuff. That's it. :-)