Decorating Your Room

I hung beads
My sister's going to fix up this surfboard and put it in her room.
                  There are a lot of different ways to decorate your room. 1) make your room yours. Think about things you like. Don't think about how other people would think of it. The way they think of your room is the way they think of you. 2) if you like privacy try signs on the door. Or you could try to lock it. If theres a key to your door carry it around with you. 3) do you think your stuff in your room is to small, or babyish? If thats the case you could always donate them, or have a yard sale. 4) think about things you like doing. Maybe you like doing art. Show of you art by hanging them on the walls. If you like collecting or have a bunch of knick knacks get your dad or someone to hang a shelf for you to put them on. 5) if you need more space and theres an empty room in your house like the attic or basement or any old room. You could ask your parents to move in there. And you could tell them that since your moving all your stuff it would also give you time to go through your stuff. Just some ideas.