My Dog Jake

                                                                            Jake is my 3 year old Havanese. He is gray with a little red mustache. He is like a little doorbell, because whenever he senses someone he starts barking like crazy. He is about 10 in tall. Jake doesn't run around that much, unless we're outside, normally he finds a nice place to relax or sits on his little perch. Jake loves going on walks, playing fetch, and running around us barking like crazy while we play tackle. When we went to adopt him there was another dog (female) who was running around and barking. Jake on the other hand was slowly walking around. We met the parents, well actually just the mom. She was a muddy white. We chose Jake because he was quiet. Jake was too shy to come out of his crate. But eventually he came out. If your thinking of getting a dog you should consider a havanese, they make a great doorbell. An interesting fact in Cuba they were used as foot warmers! =D