We Missed Our Stop

                  One time in August my cousins grandma aunt uncle and siblings and i went on a train to old sacramento. It was my cousins first time but my second. We went too a train museum and got ice cream. When we were on the train back from sacramento the train doors didn't open. We all panicked. My grandma had wished for her to be able to stay and it did, my younger cousin was saying "oh no oh no." We ended up going to Richmond. I'd been trying too get my twin three year old cousins to notice me. I finally did it. I communicated with them, finally. One of them carries around a stuffed cat, I cat-talked with him. Then on our second train one of them snuck under the table and sat next to me. Then when we moved down and they both sat next to me. We eventually got home, I was so excited, that I was almost as bummed when they left as I was excited they came.